Forfeiture Grant Program


The Bradenton Police Department is pleased to announce the availability of asset forfeiture funds for appropriation to community groups and organizations. The purpose of the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Grant Program is to provide support to neighborhood agencies and organizations engaged in projects that seek to improve neighborhood safety, promote crime prevention, and provide drug abuse education and offer drug abuse prevention services. This is accomplished by offering funding to neighborhood groups, associations, or organizations which have developed specific projects to address these areas of concern.

There are no matching fund requirements, nor are there restrictions on the amount of funding requested or the scope of the project for which support is requested. However, the amount distributed to successful applicants is within the sole discretion of the Chief of Police based in part on the amount of funding available.

Only one application per organization will be accepted. Organizations which offer multiple programs may submit one application with multiple individual descriptions and budgets for each program. Proposals may range from requests for funding of entire projects or components of a larger project. Proposals may be for any new project, ongoing program, or regularly held event, as long as the project, program, or event meets the eligibility criteria set forth below.

This program will provide funds to community groups, associations, or non-profit organizations providing services to residents within the municipal boundaries of the City of Bradenton. Services must be within the eligibility criteria set forth below.
Applicants will be required to provide a federal tax identification number.

Florida law permits funding of programs or projects that involve:
A. Crime Prevention,
B. Neighborhood Safety,
C. Drug Abuse Education,
D. Drug Prevention, or
E. School Resource Officer Program(s)

To be considered for funding a project must:
1. Fall within one or more of the statutory criteria, A. through E. above.
2. Include an itemized budget for funds requested.
3. Include a statement of accounting detailing how expenditures will be tracked.
4. Funds will NOT be awarded for salaries, food, travel expenses, video surveillance systems, newsletters, advertising, or other communication media.
5. Any organization which owes monies to the City of Bradenton will not receive award funds until those other obligations are satisfied.
6. Any organization which previously failed to completely and accurately account for all expenditures in past forfeiture award programs will not be eligible to receive additional funding.
All applicants approved for funding will be required to enter into a contract with the City setting forth the terms and conditions under which funds may be expended and outlining all accounting requirements.

Agencies or organizations wishing to receive these funds shall apply to the Bradenton Police Department Chief of Police for an appropriation.
Applications may be mailed to: Bradenton Police Department
Attn: Lisa Reeder
100 10th Street West
Bradenton, FL 34205
or, hand-delivered to the Front Desk in the lobby of the Police Department, 100 10th Street West, Bradenton, which is open from 6:30 AM until midnight every day. Postmarks will not be considered when determining the timeliness of an application.
Applications must be completed in full and properly executed. The original application must be received with four (4) additional copies for a total of five (5) applications to be considered for funding. Only the application portion of the package should be copied and returned. Do not make copies of the instructional portion of this package.

All applications that meet the minimum eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the Funding Approval Committee, which is comprised of the Chief of Police and administrative staff. Upon reviewing the applications, the Chief of Police will make the final determination of awards. The decision of the Chief of Police will be final.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate requests for funding which meet the eligibility criteria. Projects will be rated using the criteria listed below.
1. TIMELINESS. The application must be received at the police department prior to the deadline date and time. Applications received after the deadline date and time will not be considered.
2. PREPARATION. The applicant has produced an Application that contains all necessary documentation, a complete budget with supporting estimates, proper signatures, adequate number of copies, and has complied with all other requests outlined in the application package.
3. PARTICIPATION. The applicant has a commitment of participation and support of affected neighborhood residents and/or businesses, and the directions of the agency or organization the applicant represents.
4. NEIGHBORHOOD IMPACT. The project addresses a concern of and identifies specific benefits of significance to the residents of the neighborhood(s) affected.
5. INDIVIDUAL IMPACT. The project will affect change or assistance in as great a number of people as possible. Projects of all sizes are welcome to apply for funding; however, the committee would like the Grants to make as much impact as possible in residents’ lives.
6. PROJECT QUALITY. The applicant has developed a project that is well planned, adequately budgeted and is ready for implementation or is a part of a broader ongoing effort, and includes a well-defined method for demonstrating that the funds are expended appropriately.
7. ORIGINALITY. The applicant has proposed a project that is original and addresses a problem that is not already being addressed by other entities within that neighborhood. Creative thinking is welcome and encouraged.
8. QUALIFICATIONS. The applicant must demonstrate, via clearly stated qualifications, an ability to implement the proposed project and/or provide the necessary services.
9. PAST PERFORMANCE. Any applicant who has received grant funds in the past will be required to have fully conformed to the accounting requirements for that grant period before being considered for additional funding. Failure to complete accounting from a prior grant period will eliminate any group from future additional funding.

If any applicant has a question or concern that is not addressed in this information package, then they can direct all questions to Lisa Reeder. She can be reached by calling 941-932-9357 or by email to


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