Public Notice - Property Release

In accordance with F.S.S.705.103(2) 1. "If the value of the property is $100 or less, notice shall be given by posting description of the property at the law enforcement agency where the property was turned in.  The notice must be posted for not less than 2 consecutive weeks in a public place designated by the law enforcement agency. The notice must describe the property in a manner reasonably adequate to permit the rightful owner of the property to claim it." The following property will be disposed of if not claimed by November 1, 2018. Please be prepared to show proof of ownership when requesting the property to be returned.

 For questions regarding these items, please contact the Property and Evidence Unit at (941)932-9382.

Description of Property

Owner (if applicable) or address where found

2018-6875   Kent Terra Bike (silver)

703 12th Ave W  Bradenton

2018-6834 Schwinn Girls bike (green), Duffle bags with clothing.

Dollar General on 14th St West

2018-6680 Kent Ultra Shock bike (blue)

900 blk 14th Street West

2018-6511 Manhattan bike (pink)

Sylvester Flowers

2018-6476  Man Beach bike (red/black)

Jeffrey T. Cothran

2018-6474 Mans BMX style bike (blk)

George Alvarez

2018-6245 Huffy Arlington Mountain bike

Joseph S. Torres

2018-6243 Mongoose bike (blue)

Joel D. Caskey

2018-6152 DGX DXR 21 speed bike (light blue)

2310 14th St West

2018-5999 Huffy bike (purple)

Amanda V. Alday

2018-6420 Kyocera cell phone

100 blk 12th Street West

2018-8562 keys

Bradenton Police Department’s parking lot

2018-5961 keys

River Walk Splash Pad area

2018-5871 LOGIC case/pouch

Officer’s vehicle

2018-6444 blanket (charcoal) & a red sneaker

9100 blk 5th St West



Description of Property

Owner (if applicable)

2018-6382  gloves, International ID & Landscaping ID, keys, flashlight, flip flops

1609 10th Avenue West

Edward Morales (Landscaping id)

2018-5873 Medical duffle bag with holistic meds inside

2700 blk 15 Avenue West

2018-5841 Black bag with clothing, pink backpack,

Donna R. Cherry

2018-5587 Nike Tennis shoes, SIM card

William B. Crist

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