Public Notice of Property

In accordance with F.S.S. §705.103(2) 1. "If the value of the property is $100 or less, notice shall be given by posting description of the property at the law enforcement agency where the property was turned in.  The notice must be posted for no fewer than 2 consecutive weeks in a public place designated by the law enforcement agency. The notice must describe the property in a manner reasonably adequate to permit the rightful owner of the property to claim it." The following property will be disposed of if not claimed by April 1, 2020. Please be prepared to show proof of ownership when requesting the property to be returned.

Description of Property

Owner (if applicable) or address where found

2019-8843 Samsung cell phone & two iPhones (Rose Gold)

Jonaja Clark & Keshuan Davis

2019-10814 Wallet

Arlain D. Lewis

2019-10880 Sign & multivitamins, deodorant

Martin T. Goggin

2019-10980 Vape pen

Sean O'Conner

2019-11008 Visa & Discover cards 

Javier Aguilar

2019-11008 Samsung Cell Phone


2019-11008 ID & Visa Card

Brandon Aaron

2019-11008 FL Dept Family services card

Daniel Griffiths

2019-11056 Debit Card

Leslie Wittman

2019-11079 ID cards

Morgan Burns

2019-11079 Coach Wallet

Alexis Hepler

2019-11140 Turning Points ID card

Joshua Armstrong

2019-11149 Debit Card

Cherrelle Crawford

2019-11150 Cellphone & ID Card

500 Riverside Dr East - Perla Vivas-Ortiz

2019-11299 Mastercard

Caitlin A. Roy

2019-1000619 Pocket knife

Alfonso Maciel

2019-11303 School ID - Electa Lee Magnet Middle School & $3

Indira Drummond

2019-11490 Bank of America Card

Ericson Louis Jr

 2019-11551 Black Wallet & $20

 Kain Sosa Decroix

 2019-11633 Arizona ID card & wireless earbuds

 Luis Dominguez

 2019-11601 bicycle

 Jeffrey B. Humbert

 2019-11593 Roadmaster Granite Peak mtn bike

 Ruben Sanchez

 2019-11550 Specialized Stout bike (gray)

 Unknown owner, SEIZED in Bradenton

 2019-11370 Tricycle (Blue)

 2511 16th Street Court West Bradenton

 2019-11178 Custom Bike (blue/white)

 Shae W. Corrigan

 2019-11161 Schwinn Montague bike (red/white)

 5001 Manatee Ave West Bradenton

 2019-11037 Next power climber bike (silver/orange)

 4501 Cortez Road West Bradenton

 2019-11037 Huffy bike (green/black)

 1404 14th Street West Bradenton

 2019-10896 Pry bar & bolt cutters

 Joshua Gillis

 2019-11516 Gun case

 Christopher Cagle

 2019-11516 Esapi plates, gun magazines

 Steve P. Godfrey

 2019-11122 Ylon bag with clothing & nylon luggage w/ clothing

 Sandy Martinez

 2019-11045 Motorcycle helmet

 Gregory T. Cawley
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