Public Notice of Property

In accordance with F.S.S. §705.103(2) 1. "If the value of the property is $100 or less, notice shall be given by posting description of the property at the law enforcement agency where the property was turned in.  The notice must be posted for no fewer than 2 consecutive weeks in a public place designated by the law enforcement agency. The notice must describe the property in a manner reasonably adequate to permit the rightful owner of the property to claim it." The following property will be disposed of if not claimed by March 1, 2020. Please be prepared to show proof of ownership when requesting the property to be returned.

Description of Property

Owner (if applicable) or address where found

2019-9959  Huffy bike (charcoal)

Mario Corona

2019-9939 Avalo bike

Michael Candito

2019-10529 Leather card holder &

2800 blk 26th St West

2019-9880  Schwinn bike (black)

2400 blk 8th Avenue West Bradenton

2019-9771  Magna bike (red)

27th Street West Bradenton

2019-9737 Jeep Freedom bike

1400 blk 22nd Street West Bradenton

2019-10624 Apple iPhone

200 blk 14th Street West

2019-10298 Roadmaster Granite bike 
(multi color)

Zachary Rausch

2019-10182 Next Mountain bike (red/white)

200 blk 18th Street East

2019-10072 Avalon Mountain bike (blue/white)

4600 blk Cortez Rd West

2019-10038 Fuji Espress bike (blue/black)

Bradenton Police Dept.

2019-10033 Rallye bike (white)

3100 blk 1st Ave West

2019-10674 Jacket (yellow)

Jamez R. White

2019-10597 Clothing

Cedric I.J. Robinson

2019-10597 House Key

David Powell

2019-10500 Misc Items

19th Street East

2019-8950 pink Laura Ashley backpack, blk/gray Samsonite backpack & IT luggage

100 blk Waterfront Dr

2019-7072 Flippers, straw hat, reel films, trimmers, golf clubs & fishing poles

Recovered from burglary


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