Patrol Division

Patrol Division

Det. Page, Sgt. Dehaise, Sgt. Rodriguez, Officer Freed
The agency’s Patrol Division is the most visible part of our law enforcement services. This Division is responsible for general field operations, including the protection of life and property; apprehension of criminals; and enforcement of traffic laws and ordinances. The officers assigned to Patrol provide continuous coverage to the residents of Bradenton and act as first responders to calls for immediate police service, providing a timely response to reported crimes in progress.

Additionally, officers assigned to the Patrol Division conduct preliminary investigations into crimes and identify and apprehend persons suspected of committing crimes. Officers also actively engage in community-oriented policing strategies, conducting directed patrols to discourage and prevent the opportunity for crimes to occur as well as  enhance the public’s awareness of police presence in their community.

K9 Unit

Officer Smolarz & K9 Drax

The Bradenton Police Department’s Canine (K-9) Unit is staffed by four officers and four K-9s. The Canine Handler and Service Dog must successfully complete over 600 hours of specialized training prior to being placed on patrol duty. The K-9 teams maintain their certification by conducting bi-weekly training in the areas of drug detection, building/area searches, tracking, and apprehension of subjects.


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