Office of the Chief

Office of the Chief

Office of Professional Standards
Internal Affairs
The Bradenton Police Department is committed to providing excellent service to all City residents. In furthering our mission of "Professionalism Through Continuous Improvement,"  we welcome feedback on the quality of services provided by officers and civilian personnel. 

To file a complaint or express concern regarding the Bradenton Police Department or a particular employee, please  contact the Office of Professional Standards Sergeant Dennis Stahley at or (941) 932-9307

To commend or compliment the Bradenton Police Department or a particular employee, please contact Lisa Reeder in Administration at or (941)932-9357.

Training Unit
The Bradenton Police Department’s Training Unit is responsible for the training, certification, and recertification of all sworn and civilian personnel. For Fiscal Year 2017, the Bradenton Police Department budgeted $16,500 for training. The budgeted money was used to pay for class registrations, travel expenses, and other charges (range rental, equipment replacement, etc.).
SERT Training            SWAT Training

Legal Unit
The Legal Unit provides counsel to the Chief and the Department and ensures that the Department stays apprised of current legal issues, statutory changes, and case law of significance to law enforcement. Forfeiture is a key component in the Legal Unit. This decreases crime by depriving a criminal of property used to commit an offense or acquired through illegal activity.

Accreditation Unit
Complying with the professional standards set forth by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation ensures that our community receives the highest level of professionalism and proactive law enforcement services and inspires public confidence in BPD. The Accreditation Unit is responsible for maintaining files that prove the Department’s compliance with the Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation. The accreditation process is an on-going operation that requires constant monitoring and periodic updating of policies and procedures for continued standards compliance. The Bradenton Police Department earned its reaccreditation in July 2018. 
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