Public Notice of Property

In accordance with F.S.S. §705.103(2) 1. "If the value of the property is $100 or less, notice shall be given by posting description of the property at the law enforcement agency where the property was turned in.  The notice must be posted for not less than 2 consecutive weeks in a public place designated by the law enforcement agency. The notice must describe the property in a manner reasonably adequate to permit the rightful owner of the property to claim it." The following property will be disposed of if not claimed by June 1, 2019. Please be prepared to show proof of ownership when requesting the property to be returned.

Description of Property

Owner (if applicable) or address where found

2019-1866 KHS bike (pink)

7200 blk Pointe West Blvd

2019-1736 Schwinn Fairhaven bike (blk/teal)

Richard T. Michaud

2019-1716  Donali Bike (blue)

Matthew S. Nutting

2019-1698 Roadmaster bike (Gray/yellow)

300 blk 19th Street East

2019-1683 Cheyenne Mnt bik (blue/black)

Marco A. Cora

2019-1453 Roadmaster Mnt Sport (pur/silv)

Wilbur Fernandez

2019-984 CoolPad cell phone

Waterfront Drive 2/3/19

2019-1014 LG cell phone

2700 blk 11 Avenue West

2019-1330 Wallet (beige)

Carla V. Hernandez

2019-1365 key ring

500 blk SR 64 East

2019-1365 wallet (black) & glasses

Derrick Bonet

2019-1375 wallet (black)

Glentavais R. Collier

2019-1415 phone case (pink) & ID card

Michelle Surace

2019-1673 Samsung cell phone (black) & wallet

Riverwalk 2/24/19

2019-1687 Motorola Metro PCS cell phone & Apple IPAD

1300 black 26th Street West

2019-2132 Backpack (blue)

Shaw Leon

2019-1681 backetball type shoes

Haywood Bradley

2019-1402 Backpack (red) & cameras

Harry F. Phillips

2019-372 Laptop bag

Lance D. Biddle

2018-9650  clothing & shoes

Carlton Arms Drive

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