Staff Directory
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Office of the Chief Melanie Bevan Chief (941)-932-9357
Office of Professional Standards Valorie Knight Lieutenant (941)-942-9339
Office of the Chief Paul Driscoll Legal (941)-932-9371
Office of the Chief Lisa Reeder Executive Assistant (941)-932-9357
Operations Division Paul McWade Assistant Chief (941)-932-9349
Operations Division William Knight Captain - Patrol (941)-932-9351
Operations Division Brian Thiers Captain - Detectives (941)-932-9364
Operations Division Rose Hedberg Administrative Coordinator (941)-932-9345
Patrol William Weldon Lieutenant (941)-932-9369
Detectives James Wilkinson Lieutenant (941)-932-9324
Administrative Services Division Josh Cramer Assistant Chief (941)-932-9320
Administrative Services Division Jeremy Giddens Lieutenant (941)-932-9350
Detectives Nasario Camacho Financial Crimes (941)-932-9312
Detectives Yolanda Cox Human Trafficking/Domestic Violence (941)-932-9310
Detectives James Curulla Homicide (941)-932-9311
Detectives Michael Page Crimes Against Children (941)-932-9314
Detectives Lixa Moyett Missing Persons, Crimes Against Animals (941)-932-9309
Detectives Jay Gow Crimes Against Persons (941)-932-9373
Detectives Chris Deshaies Sergeant (941)-932-9329
Detectives Adrian Meridan Property Crimes (941)-932-9326
Office of Professional Standards Dennis Stahley Sergeant (941)-932-9307
Detectives Jeff Beckley Crimes Against Persons (941)-932-9356
Detectives Kevin Bunch Child Exploitation Task Force, Computer Crimes (941)-932-9380
Detectives Greg Price FBI Violent Crimes Task Force (941)-932-9355
Patrol Shannon Seymour Lieutenant (941)-932-9316
Patrol Phil Waller Lieutenant (941)-932-9392
Patrol Leo Donnelly Lieutenant (941)-932-9363
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